What Is A Medspa And What Treatments Do They Offer?

The Medspa industry generates more than 155.8 million visits each year and these numbers continue to climb. Cosmetic enhancements are growing ever popular with advancements such as Emsculpt, laser treatments, fillers, facials, and much more. If you are new to the cosmetic enhancement world, then you may not be familiar with what is a medspa and everything they have to offer. 

What is a Medical Spa?

Medspa, also known as a medical spa, is a facility that can offer the best in aesthetic medicine while giving you all the comfort of a spa. A medical spa is the best combination of a medical facility and a spa. These spas can offer medical-grade treatments and products while in a relaxing environment. 

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How Does a Medical Spa Differ from a Regular Day Spa?

A Day Spa is designed to help you relax, improve your appearances, and enhance beauty through using personal care. These are operated by massage therapists, nail technicians, and a variety of individuals trained to help you relax, but these facilities would not house medical professionals. 

At a Medspa, you are receiving treatment that is under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. All care and procedures are performed by qualified and experienced staff. These types of spas would offer a variety of treatments including facials, injectables, and laser treatments.

Unlike spas or day spas, businesses that offer grooming, pedicures, manicures, and are designed to help you rest and relax. While these are great get-away for the girls or some needed “you time”, they are only temporary fixes. Meanwhile, a medspa can offer you long term cosmetic results. 

Are Medspas Safe?

ABSOLUTELY! While in a medspa you are receiving care under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. These doctors set up their practices to allow them to treat their patients without having to go through a hospital. These offices are safe and supervised places for them to provide care to their patients. Instead of being in a clinic or an office exposed to illnesses and germs, you could be in a relaxing hybrid of a spa and medical facility. 

Some of the benefits of a medical spa include:

  • Medspas are alternatives to being in a boring and stressful doctor’s office. 
  • Here you can receive the best treatments available while in a comfortable and relaxing environment. 
  • Medspas are designed to provide safe, noninvasive treatments, with onsite medical staff.

What Services does a MedSpa Offer?

Medspas are a great place to go, relax, and work with your doctor to meet your goals. But what kind of services do they offer? Services can vary from doctor to doctor, but in general, medspas offer the following cosmetic services. 


Injectables such as botox, threads, fillers, or other injections into your face are performed. These act to help stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin to decrease wrinkles, fine lines, and make you look younger. In addition, there are injections such as Kybella that will help eliminate fat cells underneath your chin. 


Coolsculpting involves using extreme cold through specialized equipment and trained medical professionals to freeze fat cells away. It targets specific body parts such as the abdomen, thighs, legs, or neck.


Emsculpt uses energy waves to help sculpt your body and get rid of body fat in troubled areas like the arms, thighs, stomach and help build muscle in these areas as well as the buttocks. 

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are used for acne, hair removal, and have been used for collagen stimulation as well. These treatments have a variety of uses and can help with different cosmetic purposes. 


There are a variety of facials available through medspas that may use energy, light, product, and abrasions. These will be used to help remove the dead skin and toxins to improve the skin on your face

Medical Grade Products

Since you are being seen in a medical facility with a medical doctor, they can prescribe and use medical-grade skincare products and procedures. These medications are a great way to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. An example may be treating your acne with medical based products. 

Acne Treatments

Through facials, microabrasions, medications, and other techniques, you can help to treat moderate to severe acne. The doctor can examine and prescribe the best method or you can see an aesthetician here as well. 


Microneedling involves using small needles to help poke the skin. This invokes the healing process to begin, healing scars, acne, producing collagen and elastin and can improve the quality of your skin

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Hair Replacement

Through the different methods of shampoos, transplanting, or medications, you can get help for balding or thinning areas of hair.

Scar Revision

Scar revision sets out to help make scars more blended to your skin tone and texture so they become less noticeable. 

Skin Rejuvenation

An aesthetician can help to exfoliate, cleanse, and improve your skin through deep cleaning, and using light, energy, heat, and chemical peeling to improve your skin quality. 

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Finding a MedSpa Near Me

Medspas offer a variety of services where you can receive amazing treatment and care under the supervision of trained professionals and doctors without going to a hospital or clinic. Using the latest in modern cosmetic medicine, you can find a facility by doing a quick google search for a “med spa near me.”

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