Saying Goodbye to Double Chin: Kybella’s Transformative Effects for Summer

Say Goodbye to Double Chin with Kybella Treatment

Introduction As summer approaches, it’s time to embrace a season of transformation and self-confidence. Shedding our layers and basking in the sun allows us to showcase our best selves. However, a double chin can be a source of self-consciousness and discomfort for many individuals. If you’ve struggled with this common aesthetic concern, fear not! Kybella […]

How Long does Kybella Last – Your Kybella Questions Answered

How Long Does Kybella Last selfie Seamist Med Spa

In 2018, plastic surgeons reported that most facial treatments were cosmetic and nonsurgical, which included injections such as Kybella. You may be wondering about the motivation behind the boom for improving one’s facial contour. The rise of selfies has caused a trend among cosmetic enhancements that are noninvasive. When wanting to eliminate a double chin, […]


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