Discovering The Various Types of Lips

One of the main focal points of the face is the lips. We use our lips when talking, smiling, frowning, and pouting – they are a basic part of the way we communicate our feelings to the world. With just one swipe of lipstick, you can transform the way you feel and look. However, have you ever actually considered the different types of lips that people have?

Lips are uniquely beautiful, and if you wish, they can be easily transformed through non-invasive cosmetic enhancements. In this article, we will focus on lip variety and how they can be enhanced. 

Lip Anatomy 101

Lips are a unique part of our anatomy. They are made up of muscle, mucosa, and skin but do not contain any cartilage or bones. Making them pliable to offer the world a one-of-a-kind smile. Since lips do not have sebaceous glands, they are more susceptible to dehydration and sun damage. This is why hydration and protection is an essential part of lip health. 

Types of Lips anatomy of lips

Cupid’s Bow

The Cupid’s bow is the area of the upper lip just below the nose. It is the little dip that points down between the two curved areas of the upper lip. It was named this because it mimics the infamous Cupid bow. 


The middle of the upper lip contains an indentation just above the bow of the lips. This is what is known as the philtrum or medial cleft. It contains the philtral dimple which is nestled between the two philtral columns. The columns are the lines on each side of the dimple. They typically line up with the raised curves of the Cupid’s bow. 

Vermilion Border

The vermilion border is often known as the area where lip liner is applied. This is an important part of lip anatomy, as it is a guide for lip enhancement procedures. 


There are two tubercles located on the bottom lip and three on the top. The tubercles provide an outward projection of the lips. They are responsible for providing your lips with volume and fullness. 

Oral Commissures

The oral commissures are the corners of the mouth where the vermillion border and upper lip meet the lower lip. 

Different Types of Lips

While lips are sometimes overlooked, the concept that all lips are the same is simply not true. Many things distinguish the lips. While some people can achieve their desired lip shape naturally, others will opt to have a cosmetic enhancement to obtain the results that are looking for. 

Here are a few of the most popular lip types:


Full is exactly that! They have a traditional shape and are the iconic vision of what lips should look like. They maintain the Cupid’s bow on the top and a rounded full lip on the bottom. 

Thin Outer

Thin outer lips tend to have more volume in the middle and become thin towards the corners of the mouth. 

Double Lobe Upper

The two tubercles on the outside of the upper lip are more pronounced. This forms a plump and pouty upper lip. 

Triple Lobe Upper

The triple lobe is where all three tubercles on the upper lip appear full and plump. This will provide a fuller upper lip appearance. 

Double Lobe Lower

This lip shape is formed by the two tubercles on the lower lips appearing full. This will cause the lower lip to be poutier and fuller than the top lip. 

What Are Lip Lines?

Lines that are around and above the lips are referred to as lip lines. These vertical lines appear to run from the top of the lip to your nose. If there is a specific lip-type that you always wanted, then it may be achievable with cosmetic injectables. A consultation with SeaMist MedSpa will provide you with all your options, and help determine if you are a good candidate for non-surgical lip enhancement. 

How Do Lip Lines Develop?

As we age, lip lines begin to appear. It is a normal part of aging. They become more pronounced when we age due to the breakdown of elastin and collagen in the skin. These proteins, elastin & collagen, are what help your skin looking youthful, supple, and firm. As we age, the body will break down these proteins and it is unable to replace them on its own. This is when wrinkles and fine lines begin to form. 

In addition, aging causes a decrease in natural oils that are produced by the skin. These oils help keep the upper layer hydrated. When they begin to diminish your lip lines will become more prominent. 

How Are Lip Lines Treated?

Having a skincare routine will help improve the signs of aging. You will want to make sure that you use moisturizer and sunscreen every day. If your lip lines are bothering you, then you may want to consider one of the following lip enhancements. 


Botox is a popular choice when it comes to cosmetic enhancements. It works to relax the muscles, which will decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lip lines typically form because of repetitive or overuse of the Orbicularis Oris muscle. 

Botox will help soften the creases while reducing the fold lines. In addition, Botox can be used to help with “speech therapy”. It helps teach us how to speak without overusing the muscles. In return, there are long term benefits. Minimal units will be needed to decrease the appearance of lip lines. Plus, these injections generate a volumizing effect on the lip’s size and shape. 

Botox injections typically last for about 6 weeks. You may notice some numbness in the lips, and it could cause it to be difficult to drink from a straw. Some patients also notice that certain letters, such as B and P are pronounced softer. 


Fillers are a great option for treating lip lines. A thinner filler will be chosen to help produce soft and natural results. They will be injected into the lips to help add volume and definition. 

The borders of the lips can be injected with fillers to help enhance your natural lip shape. It will all depend on the results you are seeking as to what type of filler will be used and how long it will last. 

Provide a Lift To The Corners of Your Lips

Age can play a number on our bodies, and lips are no exception. The lips do not only form lines, but they may also begin to droop in the corners. If you are looking for a way to lift the corners of your lips then you are in luck. 

Botox and Hyaluronic Acid fillers can both be used to help lift the corners of the mouth. Botox injections work by targeting the muscles that pull the mouth into a frown position. These injections will allow those muscles to naturally lift the corners of the mouth. 

Fillers are ideal to help with marionette lines. These types of lines are vertical wrinkles that transverse from the corners of the lips to the chin. The name was given after the Marionette puppets, with faces that have long vertical creases. These types of lines can cause the face to look sad and may form due to aging, smoking, or genetics. 

In as little as 5 minutes, marionette lines can be taken care of with the injection of dermal fillers. They will add volume and help anchor the corners of the lips in a higher position. While results will vary, they are typically present immediately after your injection. Hyaluronic Acid fillers will last anywhere between 10 to 12 months. 

Enhancing Shape and Volume of Lips

The shape and volume of the lips can be enhanced with the use of dermal fillers or Botox. The goal with lip enhancements is to provide a natural-looking result. SeaMist MedsSpa in Rhode Island will consider certain ratios of the lips based on your case and customize a treatment plan that will provide you with optimal results. 

Botox can be used as a lip flip. A small amount of Botox will be injected around the upper lip, which will cause the muscles to relax. As a result, the lips will naturally curl upward giving you the appearance of larger lips without adding volume. 

Lip fillers are known for adding volume to the lips. There are a variety of injections that may be used, but the most popular types are Hyaluronic Acid fillers. The goal with these injections is to add volume while enhancing the lips naturally. You never want to look too plump. Results will vary and depend on the type of injection that is used. They could last anywhere between 6 to 12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types of lips, but the techniques to achieve a specific lip-type will vary. A consultation with SeaMist Medspa will allow you to explore all of your options. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get when it comes to lip enhancements. 

Are Lip Enhancements Permanent?

Lips fillers are used to shape and volumize the lips, but they are not a permanent fix. It will highly depend on the type of filler that is used as to how long the results will last. Over time the body will absorb the filler but will continue to improve collagen production and elastin. Botox can also be used to enhance the lips but will not provide you with permanent results. If the results are not desirable or if you are unhappy with the size/shape, Hyaluronic Acid fillers are able to be dissolved.

What is the Safest Lip Filler?

All of our products are approved by the FDA and have been tested for safety and efficacy. Hyaluronic acid fillers can help improve the shape, volume, and structure of the lips by supporting the tissue. These filters allow the volume to be controlled and allow you to gradually pace treatments to achieve the desired results.

Can You Change Your Lip Shape?

While you can not change your lips, you can enhance them with fillers or Botox. However, a master injector will be able to provide you with several possible outcomes to help you achieve the desired look while enhancing your natural lip shape. 

What should I Avoid After Lip Enhancement?

At SeaMist MedSpa we will provide you with all the dos and don’ts after your treatment. In general, you will want to avoid anything that will put pressure on the lips. If you have had Botox, then you may find that it is difficult to drink from a straw for a short while but this will be something you will want to avoid anyway. You will want to be cautious of your lips for the first few days, but everything will work normally. 

Will Your Lips Shrink After a Cosmetic Enhancement?

Since results are not permanent your lips will eventually reduce in volume. However, they will not shrink to a smaller size but return to the shape and size they were before your injections. 

Are You Ready For Your Perfect Lips?

There are all different types of lips and if you have always wanted to achieve more volume or make your lips more defined, then lip enhancements are a great choice. Contact us today to get a consultation scheduled.


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