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Dysport Injections

Untimely wrinkle lines make otherwise vibrant people look tired and older than you feel. One of the primary causes of premature signs of aging is the excessive involuntary contraction of facial muscles. It’s not uncommon for everyday people to experience problematic muscle conditions and innovative products such as Dysport reduce common frown lines and crow’s feet, among others.

At SeaMist MedSpa, we understand that early signs of aging detract from your naturally healthy appearance. That’s why we use only FDA-approved products such as Dysport to relieve excessive muscle contractions and smooth wrinkles. If you have noticed early signs of aging, please consider consulting with one of our professionals about a Dysport treatment.

What is a Dysport Injection?

Dysport is considered a safe neuromodulator product in the Botox class. It effectively relaxes facial muscles to discontinue increased and unnecessary skin wrinkling that make your face appear fatigued. Unlike an invasive plastic surgery procedure, Dysport injections are delivered by a tiny needle directly to the affected areas. These needles are generally so thin they are comparable to a strand of hair.

Unlike a dermal filler that augments the skin and may increase collagen production, a Dysport injection works diligently to treat underlying causes such as muscle spasms and contractions. Once administered, the injection begins to work within only a few days and has proven to be effective for months. This class of injectables is generally suitable for women and men under 65 years old struggling with moderate to severe conditions.

What Can I Expect from Dysport Injectables?

The injection process does not necessarily require a surgeon and can be conveniently administered at our MedSpa facility in South County, RI. Because this is a non-invasive procedure, the recovery time and potential implications are minimal. A gentle topical anesthetic pain reliever may be applied, and you can leave directly after, apply makeup, and go about your normal daily routine while anticipating the following prompt benefits.

  • Reduce muscle activity and smoother appearing skin in two days
  • Reduced frown lines between eyebrows
  • Reduction in crow’s feet lines
  • Reduction in muscle spasms
  • Prevention of deepening wrinkle and age lines
  • More youthful and relaxed looking face for up to two months

The mild side effects of treatment may include headache, soreness, swelling, and nausea in some cases. It’s essential to disclose any allergies or health conditions that may make this treatment unsuitable. However, safe, effective Dysport treatments rank among the preferred options for managing signs of premature aging and may be covered under your healthcare policy.

Trusted Dysport Cosmetic Skin Rejuvenation in South Kingstown, RI

If you are experiencing excessive facial wrinkles and are determined to look your youthful best, SeaMist MedSpan uses FDA-approved products such as Dysport to help our valued community members achieve a vibrant and energetic appearance. There’s no reason that you should look tired or older than the robust energy you possess. Contact our South Kingstown facility and schedule a consultation today.

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