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Although early age lines continue to concern everyday people with otherwise youthful dispositions, advanced products such as Sculptra are helping to turn back time. As an FDA-approved skin treatment, Sculptra provides an alternative to invasive plastic surgery. These gentle injectables safely work to restore your natural, healthy appearance.

At SeaMist MedSpan, our team of health and wellness professionals recognizes that untimely age lines are unnecessary. That’s why we utilize only certified products and safe procedures to help our valued community members enjoy the best possible skin benefits. We confidently stand behind  Sculptra as a tried-and-true skin restoration product that delivers the youthful appearance you deserve.

What is a Sculptra Injection?

The FDA-approved injectable dermal enhancer has been used by everyday people to stimulate collagen and restore a youthful appearance. The product has been certified safe for more than 15 years and contains human-compatible poly-L-lactic acid as a preferred treatment for decreasing wrinkle lines. This non-invasive injectable treatment not only acts as a dermal filler but also helps the body improve its natural collagen production.

Sculptra has been used to effectively restore the robust appearance of people who experience untimely skin aging from harsh UV rays, smoking, poor air quality, and unnatural chemical agents in the environment. Cosmetic treatments from this collagen stimulator generally last as long as two years.

What are the Benefits of a Sculptra Treatment?

Maintaining healthy, vibrant skin has never been more challenging. We live in a world that unnecessarily exposes us to unhealthy elements that diminish our ability to produce high levels of hyaluronic acid. This naturally occurring agent is the key to skin health, wellness, and elasticity. If you are beginning to notice premature signs of age, we urge you to schedule consultation and discuss these and other enhanced benefits from a Sculptra treatment.

  • Skin Rejuvenation: Unlike an invasive plastic surgery procedure, Sculptra addresses the underlying cause of early signs of aging. The approved dermal filler replaces areas that have suffered collagen loss and restore affected areas back to their youthful appearance.
  • Reduced Wrinkle Lines: We all experience the effects of time. But there is no reason that your skin cannot reflect your vibrant personality. Deep wrinkle lines around the eyes, mouth, lips, and neck tend to make us appear unnaturally older. Sculptra restores age-appropriate beauty to your skin.
  • Youthful Glow: Certified products such as Sculptra allow women and men to reverse the negative impacts on your skin. Undergoing this moderate injectable treatment, you can regain the youthful appearance you deserve.

It’s important to consider that the skin struggles with a 1-percent collagen loss each year after we turn 20. That estimate does not necessarily take into account the unanticipated environmental impacts we currently experience. Fortunately, Sculptra treatments do not require a surgeon and require only modest recovery from minor bruising and swelling. There’s simply no reason to look older than you feel.

Sculptra Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in South Kingstown, RI

It’s essential to the health and wellbeing of women and men to look as energetic and vibrant as you feel inside. If you are showing signs of premature age, SeaMist MedSpan utilizes only the safest, FDA-approved products such as Sculptra to provide you the youthful appearance you deserve. Contact our South Kingstown facility and schedule a consultation today.

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