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Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Depending on your skin type and condition, the professional team at Rhode Island’s SeaMist MedSpa can help you select the best skin care program for you from our wide selection of chemical peels and medical-grade skin products.

At SeaMist in South Kingstown, we offer one-on-one consultations, so we can select the best skin care regimen for you – one that will have you looking and feeling better about your skin before you know it.

At SeaMist, we can help you select the best products for your skin, featuring treatments that require little or no downtime.

Products can produce moderate amounts of peeling for several days and can be repeated in the following weeks. We treat a range of patients, including those with mild or moderate skin problems ranging from sun damage and wrinkles to acne, acne scarring and melasma.

What are some changes you will notice after one peel?

  • Improvement to your skin’s tone and texture
  • Reduction in fine lines
  • Youthful and healthier appearance

Should I consider a peel?

If you want your skin to look better while fighting the effects of aging, peels could be for you. Those who suffer from sun-damaged skin, aging skin or if you are prone to blemishes – these treatments can help. Peels also can help those who have scarring from acne, melasma, or just poor skin quality. These patients often benefit the most!

How long are treatments?

Most procedures take about 30 minutes.

Is there much preparation involved?

No! Because peels are typically non-invasive, very little preparation is needed before treatments.

What will happen during treatment?

Generally, hair is tied back, and your face will be cleansed before treatment. You will keep your eyes closed as we apply the chemical peel. The number of layers that are applied depends on the patient and the formula selected. Your needs and preferences guide the way!

Some clients may experience some mild tingling along with an itching feeling that grows as more layers are applied. Just let us know if you feel uncomfortable during treatment and we will stop and address the issue. A final layer will be applied to neutralize the peel formula after treatment is done.

Not everyone is a candidate for treatment. Those who should avoid peels include:

  • Anyone who has a history of allergies, rashes or other abnormal skin reactions
  • Anyone who has taken Accutane during the past year, or those who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatments
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Anyone under age 12
  • Those who recently have had their skin waxed or shaved, and those who have suffered sunburn or been exposed to exfoliating agents

What happens after a peel?

It is vital to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Also, moisturize your skin after treatments. We can offer special cleansers for use after peels that are designed to help those with sensitive skin. You should not wash your face for a few hours after peel treatments.

Also, it’s best to limit your exposure to the sun for at least seven days after your peel. Use a gentle cleanser when washing your face. You also may see a bit of mild flaking and peeling on treated areas for several days after treatment.  Do not go for any other facial treatments for at least a week after peel treatment.

You will begin to see improvements soon after your initial peel treatment, but more will be necessary in the weeks that follow for the best results.

At SeaMist MedSpa, we use Environ, products to keep you and your skin looking younger.
Recommendations on how frequently you need treatments will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Let SeaMist MedSpa help you select the best treatments for young and healthy-looking skin! Read more about hyperpigmentation laser treatments.

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