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Tear Troughs


You wake up in the morning, drag yourself out of bed and take a look in the mirror – and there they are. Your bags are packed and ready to go.

Dark circles and bags under the eyes come as we age. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with the unsightly baggage.

At Rhode Island’s SeaMist MedSpa in South Kingstown, we offer a number of treatments and remedies that can keep the bags under your eyes from darkening your day.

What leads to dark circles beneath the eyes?

Doctors call the condition festooning, and it’s a very common problem. That’s because the skin located under the eyes is thin and sensitive. The root of the problem can depend on whether your bags are caused by skin discoloration or swelling. This can lead to that familiar, puffy, crescent-shaped bag in the area called the tear trough. The good news is the problem is typically just cosmetic and not a more serious physical problem.

If the bags under your eyes result from pigment changes, the culprit could be dilated blood vessels. Rubbing your eyes, especially during allergy season, can cause bags and circles to form. Exposure to the sun and smoking cigarettes also can thin the skin and cause discoloration.

The main cause behind dark circles and bags under the eyes is one you can’t control: getting older. As your body ages, you often lose volume under the eyes. That causes a hollow that is susceptible to fluid buildup.  While you can’t stop aging, you can hasten its effects by eating a high-salt diet, drinking too much alcohol and not getting a sound night’s sleep. All of these can leave eyes puffy.

In some cases, although rare, bags under the eyes can be caused by thyroid, kidney or liver problems. If bags and dark circles appear under the eyes suddenly, you should see a doctor.

Genetics also can lead to dark circles under your eyes, as darker skin tends to discolor more easily.

But there are ways to combat bags under the eyes. Making an appointment at SeaMist MedSpa is a start. Using moisturizer with SPF after you wake up and a retinoid-based cream before you hit the sack are good practices to follow. For severe cases, SeaMist MedSpa offers peels and laser treatments designed to exfoliate and remove surface pigment to decrease dark circles and bags.

Laser treatments can prompt better collagen production and fight the tissue loss that causes your eyes to look hollowed-out.  If the problem is being caused by a loss of soft tissue due to aging, SeaMist MedSpa can help by injecting fillers into the impacted areas to even them out and hide discoloration. BOTOX, while effective on crow’s feet and other problems, does not usually help combat bags under the eyes.

At SeaMist MedSpa, our professional staff will consult with you individually to determine the cause of the darkness and hollowing under your eyes.

SeaMist offers eye serums, laser and filler treatments to help your condition, and help you look younger and less tired. We all get older. But you don’t have to show your age to the world by allowing bags and dark circles under your eyes to make you look older than you actually are. Contact SeaMist MedSpa today to get rid of those bags! It’s baggage you don’t want – or need.

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